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Centralized Laundry / Linen Services

Providing hospitality quality health care linens with a focus on patient comfort.

Shared Service Systems is proud to have provided quality health care linens to the region since 1970. We were one of the original members of the International Association of Hospital Textile Managers (IAHTM). Shared Service Systems’ automated laundry system is fully JCAHO, OSHA and CDC compliant and we strive to exceed all health care linen processing requirements.

The Shared Difference

Shared Service Systems' laundry Distribution Center is located in Omaha Nebraska and processes and delivers hospital fresh linens within a 150 mile radius. The Shared Service Systems' laundry management team has more than 100 years combined laundry experience allowing us to maintain our standard of excellence. Our Linen service currently consists of 19 hospitals and 60 clinics including 2 major Health Systems. By continually exceeding expectations, many of our customers have been with us since the inception of our linen service program.

Value-added Services are our Standard of Excellence

Shared Service systems is committed to your laundry needs. We work one-on-one with you to tailor a laundry program specific to your needs, whether your needs include the option to rent linen or have your own linens processed. Our Laundry and linen service achieved its standard of excellence by committing to our customer's individual and unique linen needs. Some other value-added standards include:

  • Infection control programs – our facility is open to inspection by all customer’s Infection Control departments
  • Upscale patient apparel
  • Hospitality towels
  • "Just In Time" delivery service eliminating the need for big on-site inventories
  • Complete Housekeeping microfiber program including wet mops, dust mops and dust cloths.
  • Being your go-to resource for all linen questions and needs

Linen Utilization & Management Services

Our linen utilization and management program can help you control costs without sacrificing patient care and put your focus back where it should be, on the patient. Some of our linen utilization management program services include:

  • Linen utilization assessment and process improvement implementation
  • Assistance with internal audits, including inventory control and linen losses
  • Detailed linen tracking reports, including standard benchmarking reports
  • In-house linen committee participation
  • Quality Assurance programs and inventory control
  • New textiles analysis – We test market new industry products to make sure they meet health care standards and departmental needs before use.